Give a radio-light to someone who has lost everything image

Give a radio-light to someone who has lost everything

Having accurate facts is as important as having food, shelter and medicine when displaced. Provide communication aid now with a radio.

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Radio-lights to give direction to cyclone survivors


Communication is aid. Cyclone Idai, the worst storm to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere, left a trail of destruction across Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Malawi, killing an 1,000 & displacing tens of thousands. 6 weeks later Kenneth, another category 4 cyclone lashed northern Mozambique. This is unprecedented. Survivors depend on radio to deliver updates on where to get aid, to find missing loved ones, the latest health bulletins, weather info, etc. Radios will be distributed by one of the organisations on the ground.


Tens of thousands of Mozambicans lost everything in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai. The Mozambican Red Cross and other aid agencies are struggling to provide for everything needed. In addition to food, shelter and medicine, the displaced need access to trusted information via radio. The Red Cross and the government must be able to communicate with the displaced and NGOs. If people still have cellphones, they don't have a way to power them or money for airtime.


Our solar and wind-up FM/AM Polaris radio-lights provides 24/7 access to radio information and light and is engineered for emergencies. Survivors need access to radio to dispel rumours, which are always rife in a crisis. People need to know how and where to go to locate loved ones, how to replace legal documents, where to get healthcare and to listen to weather updates. Radio also helps NGOs better coordinate relief efforts. Its flashlight will help keep people safe at night, especially women.

Long-Term Impact

People need access to information. With access to trusted information in a language they understand, it will greatly increase survivors making informed choices and decisions. It could even be life-saving. They will be less susceptible to rumors. Survivors are unlikely to have much or any money and would not be able to afford to buy a radio or the batteries to power them, even if they were available. The light will help people to be safe at night, especially while walking or going to the toilet.